September 25-28, Tirana, Albania

Food & Lodging



  • Era – a restaurant that is famous for serving also traditional Albanian dishes (website:
  • Oda Restaurant – situated inside a Tirana traditional house, this restaurant features delicious traditional cuisine (reviews on TripAdvisor)
  • Serendipity – Mexican cuisine (website:
  • Artisti – small artsy cafe with a great selection of food
  • Artigiano – perfect for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine (reviews on TripAdvisor)
  • Gourmet – new age cuisine (reviews on TripAdvisor)
  • Otium – located in the Blloku area (reviews on TripAdvisor)

The place or area to go out is called the “Blloku area”. If you ask around, everybody knows it and will be easy to find.

  • – Radio, located in the Blloku area. More details here
  • – Nouvelle Vague


Tirana offers a wide range of hostels and hotels that makes it easy for you to choose based on your budget. Availability shouldn’t be a problem, but as always when it comes to booking and travelling, the sooner you make your arrangements, the better.

Please note, each attendee is responsible for booking his/her hotel room!

Expensive Hotels
Hotel Europa Rogner Park
Hotel Sky
Tirana International Hotel
Green House
The Plaza Tirana
Regular Hotels

Villa Tafaj
Theranda Hotel
Firenze Hotel e-mail:
B&B and Guest Houses/Hostels
Hostel Albania e-mail:
Propaganda Hostel