Conference Logistics

Flying to/from Milan

Milan is served by three airports:

1. Milan Linate (LIN), rather close to the city, connected via public bus (ATM urban line 73, slower but cheaper) to Piazza del Duomo (center of Milan), and via private bus (Linate Shuttle, faster but more expensive) to Milan's Central Railway Station
Website with info in English:

2. Milan Malpensa (MXP), 50 km north west from the city, connected via three private bus companies (Autostradale, Caronte and Malpensa Shuttle) to Milan's Central Railway Station, and via train to Milan's Central Railway Station and Milan's Porta Garibaldi Railway Station
Website with info in English (bus):
Website with info in English (train):

3. Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY), 50 km east from the city, connected via two private bus companies (Autostradale and Terravision) to Milan's Central Railway Station (please ignore the Autostradale bus to Milan's Lambrate Railway Station)
Website with info in English:

Milan Linate is served by regular airlines with flights to/from Europe. Milan Malpensa is served by regular airlines with flights to/from every continent, and by low cost airlines with flights to/from Europe. Bergamo Orio al Serio is served by regular and low cost airlines to/from Europe.

You can buy bus tickets at the airport, from kiosks in the arrival areas (they are usually rather easy to find). At Milan Malpensa, you can buy train tickets at the automatic counters in the railway station (you need either cash or a credit card).

IMPORTANT: NEVER NEVER NEVER take a taxi from one of the airports to Milan, as they cost a fortune and only accept cash (you may not have enough cash to cover the cost of the trip, which is based on a regulated fare, but in any case is well over € 100 for a one way trip to Milan).

Traveling to/from Milan by Train

Milan is served by two major railway stations: Milano Centrale and Milano Porta Garibaldi, both located on the metro M2 Green line (see ahead: Public Transport).

Traveling to/from Milan by Car

Milan is extremely well connected via highways (where there is a general speed limit of 130 km/h). The suggestion is to leave the car in the hotel's garage, as the traffic in the city is usually a problem (unless you know very well your way, but please consider that we use a motorbike to get around without getting stuck for hours).

TDF hotel has a garage, with an extra price per night. If you need the garage, please let me know in advance, and I will make sure they book your parking slot. Every other hotel in the city will have a garage (sometime they have an agreement with a nearby garage, with special rates).

Do not leave the car in the street, as fines are high (and you can get a fine for each day of your staying, as "assistenti del traffico" get an incentive for each fine they raise for parking in a restricted area).

Getting around Milan with public transport

Milan has a metro network with four different lines (M1 Red, M2 Green, M3 Yellow and M5 Violet) which cover a large area, especially in the center, and is strictly integrated with a bus/tram network on the surface which covers the other areas (including peripheral ones).

You can get the most important information on how to get around Milan by public transport on the ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) website:

1. How to get around Milan by public transport (both metro and bus/trams):

2. Travel on the metro by paying with your contactless card (only for the metro):

Map of Milan's metro network:

Some suggestions about security

Milan is a rather safe city. The most important advice to follow is to use common sense and keep your eyes open wherever you are. Here are some basic safety tips you should follow in Milan:

1. Don’t carry a lot of cash with you. Cards are accepted almost everywhere.
2. Always have your bag securely across your shoulder, and carefully closed.
3. Don't carry your wallet in a back pocket, keep it in a secure internal pocket.
4. Never put valuables in the backpack, and carefully close all zips.

Be very careful when crossing the street, because the pedestrian crossings are not respected, except when a red light for the vehicle is on.


LibreOffice Conference locations

Fondazione Culturale San Fedele, where all meetings and all conference sessions will happen, is located in Piazza San Fedele in Milan, close to Piazza del Duomo (M1 Red, stop Piazza del Duomo)
Conference Tracks: Piazza San Fedele 4 - Milano
Auditorium (Opening/Closing Session): Via Hoepli 3/b - Milano (100 m)

B&B Hotel Milano Sesto Marelli, where the TDF group is staying, is located in Viale Ercole Marelli 303 in Sesto San Giovanni, close to Sesto Marelli (M1 Red, stop Sesto Marelli)
Viale Ercole Marelli 303, Sesto San Giovanni, Ph. +39 02 22471152

Feeling Food Spazio Eventi, where the community dinner will be organized on September 29, is located in Via Benaco 30 in Milan, at walking distance from Brenta (M3 Yellow, stop Brenta)
Via Benaco 30 - Milano